Strengths of our business

Trade idea generation

We have explore the market and we have knowledge of giving you an idea about the investment or trading plan.

Execution and Order Management

We have an advanced "order management system", or OMS, which is a computer software system used by our experts for order entry and processing.


Quants in fixed income, equities, derivatives, and commodities groups use prototype and implement pricing and valuation models for options, derivatives, and portfolios.

More Services

BOBL's Cash Management Services for Small and Medium Businesses offers Enhanced Liquidity, Administrative Ease and Improved Returns. We provide structured and customized solutions to manage the operational, administrative and regulatory activities of a corporate in a coordinated and efficient manner. Our in-depth understanding of the business enables us to partner in the growth of our customers.
BOBL offers financial solutions for leverage operations involving mezzanine, unitranche, or private debt. These solutions enable companies to increase their capacity for finance and investment for the purpose of organic growth or acquisition. Uncallable but with flexible maturity dates, these financings are subordinated to existing or senior debt, and can be used by capital investors and management teams to optimise their returns.
We have established a Co-Investment fund designed to take minority equity interests in large buyout transactions. Since then, we regularly participate in this type of transaction with a global reach. We have a recognized expertise in structuring transactions, a large network of business contacts, and a strong reputation in this area of the market.

New Services

As your firm’s front-line ambassador, you need to know more. And that’s why you need the BOBL Professional service—to keep ahead of the news, market data and research that impact your company, investors and share price. We arm you with detailed analyst, investor and capital structure information, earnings and estimates data, competitive intelligence, and market-moving news. Understand your own company and competitor information in context, and turn to our experienced, street-savvy analysts for curated, tailored views.

BOBL Portfolio Management is an enterprise solution that integrates portfolio management, client relationship management, and reporting on a single platform. We brings the advantage of centralized information in a professional environment for more efficient information sharing. We offers investment managers a turnkey portfolio accounting and reporting solution. It’s ideally suited to firms that have little or no dedicated support in house.

Reconciliation or verification of financial transactions is a key element of BOBL's internal controls and is fundamental to sound business practices. BOBL implements large scale reconciliation platforms built to reduce operational costs. We have the best team for account reconciliation services for small and medium businesses by our team of expert accounting professionals with best-in-class accounting.